SHC system

Finding the right connected system for your building project

One of the EU’s climate goals is to reduce carbon emissions in the EU by at least 55% by 2030. So how do we make buildings ‘fit for 55’? Different solutions exist for different market segments, but what solution you choose will depend on the type of building you are dealing with. Connectivity is key to all complete solutions, by providing comprehensive support for all your project needs, allowing you to go beyond a simple fixing system.

Building monitoring: a vital tool

The nearly zero-energy buildings directive means we must implement monitoring in all buildings. There are some targets to be met throughout the lifecycle of the building, as well.

As part of the directive, new legislation has been put in place all around Europe. It requires all information in commercial buildings to be measured, which should then be put into a Building Management System (BMS), which provides a thorough overview of all systems.

This allows you to prove that a building is more efficient than others or the previous year. Choosing the right system to optimise energy savings and properly monitor your buildings is essential.

Control systems: what type to choose?

Below is a summary of the control systems you can implement in your buildings. The solutions are listed per building type and ranked by efficiency:

  • 1/5 ranking means that the solution is not optimal for energy consumption. Energy savings can still be made with this system, but they could be improved.
  • 5/5 ranking is the highest a system can achieve. It means that it has excellent control of efficiency and comfort.

With the wide range of options available, finding the right solution for your project is simple. Your high-efficiency solution can be combined with technology by Aalberts hydronic flow control for optimal effectiveness. Being the only company that offers all those solutions and a custom support, it’s worth coming to Aalberts hfc for all your control system needs.

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