ISH 2023

4 aspects that made ISH 2023 memorable

The ISH event took place from 13 to 17 March 2023. Its aim? To help customers discover the latest innovations in the HVAC industry. Aalberts HFC was also exhibiting! So what were the biggest takeaways from this event?

#1: A worldwide HVAC event

ISH 2023 was held after a four-year break. With 2,025 exhibitors, 153,734 visitors from 154 countries, it is the largest international and world leading trade show for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary industry. 60% of participants were from Germany, with the top five visiting countries being China, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland; visitors from Poland, the UK and Belgium also made a mark.

#2: Global experts exchanging ideas

Ten of our thought leaders spoke about energy efficiency, the impact of the European Green Deal, and connectivity in buildings in the Excellence Sessions. Continue your journey to excellence by watching the following replays.




Jan Bijnen, Director Purchase & Marketing from Wasco Group, has a long-standing relationship with Aalberts hydronic flow control. During ISH event, he appreciated the variety and accessibility of the product groups and the new branding:

I was pleasantly surprised to see the new Flamco and Comap logos at the booth. They are modern and express Aalberts hydronic flow control’s business solutions, from source to emitter, also visible in the booth design.”
Jan Bijnen
Director Purchase & Marketing from Wasco Group

#3: An experimental meeting place

Aalberts HFC’s booth was focused on three aspects: building, climate and excellence. The trade visitors of the event were able to experience installed walls of complete solutions for three types of buildings, including commercial (heating and cooling), large residential (district heating) and small residential (domestic).


The booth also included innovation platforms showcasing six different products.

The booth was welcoming and clearly showed the parts and products we use. The Aalberts hydronic flow control experts were available to answer our questions. The new innovations were not displayed in boxes, but were arranged so as to show how they are actually used.”
Bram de Vos
De Vos Installatie BV

#4: The way forward

According to Maarten van de Veen, CEO at Aalberts HFC, ISH effectively showcased a variety of innovative solutions:

The ISH took place for the first time in 4 years and Aalberts hydronic flow control showcased here up to full strength. The layout of the booth was really representing our strategy. We showed our complete ‘source to emitter solutions’ from our Flamco and Comap product brands. Visitors were able to get an essence of our excellence in heating and cooling solutions and understand the applications for each building type.”
Maarten van de Veen
CEO at Aalberts HFC

These solutions and innovations contribute significantly to the long-term achievement of climate-protection targets, as well as the responsible and efficient use of resources. These include intelligent thermostats, SHC maintenance, balancing and prefabricated plant rooms, to name a few.

These solutions can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%, improve water quality, reduce maintenance costs, and improve overall residential comfort.


The ISH 2023 event was an innovative meeting place for experts and installers to come together in a dedicated location. Aalberts HFC is delighted to be part of one of the industry’s largest HVAC events and to meet everyone who attended! Using progressive solutions which meet current regulations and standards, Aalberts HFC can provide and support the installation of your project’s hydronic solutions, from source to emitter.

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