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Underfloor heating: 6 fixing solutions and benefits

With a variety of six different fixing solutions for underfloor heating (surface heating and cooling), you can find the ideal system for your building. These solutions are available for new constructions and much-needed renovations. All types of buildings are catered to, whether small and large residential to all commercial buildings. Aalberts hydronic flow control will support you in making the right decision for your project.

Making the right choice

One of the challenges you might face is installation constraints. This could be because of the floor type, height or (particularly on renovation projects) the material quality. This could also be due to the building’s construction, for example, a square building laid at 45°. However, it’s possible to use different systems in different spaces where necessary.

Aalberts hydronic flow control once ran a project in a truck maintenance workshop with pits. The workshop was in a round building, so it required a particularly complicated form of underfloor heating and cooling. The design office had planned a grid system, however, there is difficulty in placing a grid in a round building.

Aalberts HFC devised an assembly plan to work with a tacker system to accommodate the building’s shape.

SystemType of buildingRenovation or constructionAdvantagesInstallation tips
TackerAdaptable to any type of buildingRenovationDo not require flat surfaces

Insulation with polyurethane spraying or other insulation panels/screed

Moisture barrier

Basic solution & easy to use

Can be used with any type of tube

StudResidential & commercialRenovation & constructionQuick to install

Moisture barrier

Can be installed by one person

Can be used with 16mm tubes

DryFor old buildings with flooring (no concrete)RenovationNo screed

No drying time

Low thickness solution

To use with multilayer tubes
SlimCommercial & residentialRenovationLow thickness system

High heating reactivity

Quick drying

Can be used with 25mm anhydrite screed

For use with 12mm MultiSkin tube

RailAllConstructionSimple and flexible system

Can be used in many projects, including on walls

Can be placed without restriction
in every orientationBetter to use with MutliSkin
GridTertiary, industrial & residential

Ideal solution for large spaces or irregular shapes, also with phonic insulation

Construction & renovationCatch irregularity floor

Moisture barrier

Doesn’t pierce underfloor (acoustic insulation for example)

Compatible with active concrete

Can be used with any type of tube

A look at the 6 different systems

Tacker system

SHC fixing solutions

This system is mainly used in large buildings but is adaptable to any structure. It is used on polyurethane spraying, the standard way to insulate buildings in Europe, and can stick to all qualities of PU foam. Unlike other systems, the tacker system does not require perfectly plane surfaces.

There are three main types of tacker:

  • basic insulation: polystyrene panel ;
  • planea with high thermal and acoustic insulation ;
  • exact with very high thermal insulation.

Stud system

SCH solutions

Stud systems are ideal for houses. The easy solution that can be installed by one person: this option is one of the simplest. It is quick to install since you can position the tubes quickly and efficiently between the slab studs, and it can be used with 16mm tubes.

Studs with industrial block slabs and residential block slabs are both available.

Dry system

SCH solutions

A dry system is a thin insulated board with pipes laid within, which is then covered directly with tiles. As there is no screed in this system, there is no need for concrete, making it easier to install and is cost-efficient. This is a low thickness solution with high heating reactivity and no drying time. There are two types of dry systems, one of which is optimal for use on flooring undergrounds.

Slim line system

SCH solutions

This is a high reactivity and fast drying system. Another benefit of this solution is its thinness (16 mm), making it great for renovation projects.

There are two types of slim line systems: one for commercial and another for residential projects.

Rail system

SCH solutions

The rail system for UHC by Aalberts HFC can be placed without restriction in any orientation. This simple and flexible system can be used in all types of projects, including on walls. Its pipes are fixed in U-shaped profiles. Two rails are possible one with an adhesive strip, one of which has a patented connection system.

Grid system

SCH solutions

In our grid systems, clip-on tubes are placed to close gaps. The grids are laid on synthetic film, which functions as a moisture barrier. This is the ideal solution for large spaces or irregularly shaped spaces. It is compatible with active concrete and catches irregularity floors, with a tertiary, industrial grid. A grid system is particularly suitable for an industrial environment with an uneven floor.

You’ll find the right fixing system for your project from our premium range of options. Each solution is embedded with a complete system (heat source, piping, manifold). To ensure your chosen system runs as effectively as possible, we recommend managing it with smart control.

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