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Launch your underfloor heating project in 3 steps

Many developers decide to change conventional heating systems to underfloor heating (surface heating and cooling – SHC). This can be a straightforward aspect of your building project, but you might encounter challenges. It’s also important to consider how it can be compatible with the global system (heating source, floor finish, etc). You might need advice on making calculations for a specific space (e.g. an unsquare room), or even if this is a feasible project for you.
Aalberts hfc can answer all these questions and more. We provide comprehensive solutions and technical support for renovations and constructions. Leave it to the underfloor heating experts!

3 steps to launch your project

#1 Your complete requirements

You will have to fill out an underfloor heating calculation form. A type of precise checklist, it collects all the necessary information to launch a project effectively. This is a vital step that is often forgotten. Questions on the form include: is there groundwater or a watercourse close by? If your answer to this is yes, you will be able to use pumping systems to supply energy to your building.

launch SHC project

You will also be asked about:

  • the scope of the project (renovation or new construction?)
  • which system you want to use (if you already know)
  • floor finish (tiles or wood?)
  • objectives you want to achieve
  • heating source (boiler or heat pump?)
  • insulation data
  • building environment
  • if you want to add district heating
  • your building’s floor plan

Potential challenges – church case study

The type of heating usually used in churches spreads heat throughout the building with columns of warm air. This air can create condensation on stained glass windows and lead to damage. For a church building project, one of the objectives would be to prevent this from happening. It’s also important to stop heat from escaping through the windows to maintain an even temperature within the church.

Other challenges to take into consideration would include:

  • vaulting
  • burial vaults inside the church
  • statues that limit the usable surface area

Identifying every potential obstacle is crucial to get a good overview of a project and its feasibility.

#2 Your calculation

Experts from Aalberts hfc will conduct a technical study to evaluate the feasibility of your project. Areas assessed include the type of materials needed and which spaces need to be heated. You will also be required to provide a project floor plan. This stage is mandatory – every component of your plan will be subject to an intervention file.

Through this technical study, Aalberts HFC will provide you with key information, such as which system is most suitable for your project. We will also guide you in the implementation process, from the plan and layout, to advice on which pipes to use, where and when.

Example – an underfloor heating solution for a zoo

Pandas sustain almost entirely on bamboo, so a zoo needs to find a way of stopping bamboo from freezing. Aalberts hfc proposed an outdoor underfloor heating system, like those used for football pitches. This technical solution included providing the precise calculation for a bespoke manifold (a pipe fitting with several lateral outlets).

“We called on Aalberts hfc for the Pairi Daiza project: the pandas’ bamboos were freezing. We had to devise a custom system to bury the tubes under the animals’ spaces. There was no case law on the subject, everything was thought out and designed from scratch: plans, drawings, and a complete description of the system implementation. Aalberts hfc was very helpful and creative on this project!”
From a Design Office Administrator – Michel CCS


#3 Your global offer and launch

Aalberts hfc provides you with a complete service tailored to your chosen system. We help you find the best global solution covering the heating process, from source to emitter. You can also be assured that the material used and implementation will always be optimal. After a detailed study of the project surface, Aalberts will choose the products to best meet your objectives.

Our experts can provide an installation plan, such as a construction plan, and our partners will deliver all the materials you need. Everything will be in place for you to launch your project.

“Aalberts hfc supports me on many renovation projects (dry, slimline…) for which we have established the best practice for each special situation. As an installer, getting support directly on site is such a great help.”
From an Installer – A-Chart B.V.


Expert tips to avoid common mistakes

Where appropriate, the Aalberts HFC team will come onsite to support you with your project. We can provide you with advice and conduct an assisted start-up, which is valuable to check that everything is running smoothly and to avoid issues.

Common mistakes that can be discovered onsite include:

  • Manifold in the wrong position: where all the tubes don’t go into the flat, there is a maximum loop length that needs to be arranged centrally.
    • Our advice: move the manifold to optimise distribution
  • On renovation projects: it’s important to check that the building’s insulation complies with reality to avoid thermal bridges. There are often mistakes made in this area even if the calculations were originally correct. This can lead to serious issues in cold zones.
    • Our advice: anticipate the problem and check your building’s insulation
  • In an industrial building, you have to make a decision whether or not to insulate the floors. It’s often better not to, or to opt for thinner insulation, because any heat loss through floors can be recovered over time.
    • Our advice: add around 5 cm of insulation in the floors, depending on the project

“We were working on luxury leather goods where high value products were stored. We were having problems with mixing dust and couldn’t solve them. Aalberts came directly on site to help with the UHC installation and suggested insulating the floor. It was the best option!”
From a Special Technical Engineer and Managing Director- Concept Control


We know how essential it is to choose the right system before launching your underfloor heating project. With more than 50 years of experience, Aalberts has the expertise to plan and launch your project. With Aalberts’ guidance, you will find the most suitable system for your requirements, and your project is guaranteed to run smoothly. We’re here to help you with every step of the process.


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