source to emitter solutions for heat pump

Why work with us? Solutions from source to emitter for heat pump systems

You are launching a project with a heat pump. Have you carefully selected the right products? Experts at Aalberts hydronic flow control can assist you to make choices every step in your project. This can include prefabricated units that you just have to plug in. From source to emitter, find the best heat pump-related solutions for your project.

Ready to use solutions: prefabricated units

Prefabricated units for heat pumps

Although they are also available as prefabricated plant rooms, the prefabricated units paired with heat pumps are somewhat different. They are smaller and only contain a buffer tank, an expansion tank, an air and dirt separator, pump and a safety valve.

“The differences we see compared to traditional heating systems are that heat pumps usually heat and cool in changeover systems, have buffers, have larger pipe diameters, and have heat delivery systems suitable for low-temperature heating and/or high-temperature cooling.”

Henk Brasser
Team Leader – Sales Support and Engineering

These units must be adapted to your project, heat pump type and building size.

A few benefits


There’s just one unit to plug in, so there’s no time wasted finding and installing multiple products.

Space efficiency and scalability

  • the units are designed for seamless assembly
  • optimised use of space – there is no loss of space and all products are easy to assemble
  • can be more compact, saving square metres
  • scalable to suit multiple buildings

Customisation to meet specific requirements

heat pumps solutions

Get the full range of services: help and advice on calculations and product selection

Helping you make the right calculations

“The best heat pump solution is not necessarily the same for every situation. It depends on several criteria, such as the space in the building, heating system and the type of heat pump so every system requires a specific solution. That’s why it’s important to get advice to find the right option for your system.”

Diem Kemper
Director – Product Marketing

Energy-saving products are required to ensure the longevity of heat pumps. These include parts such as safety valves and air separators.

Aalberts hydronic flow control has technical sales teams in each of the countries we operate in. It’s their job to advise you on the customisation of your solutions and which components can be used.

We design and supply prefabricated units based on customer demand, saving you time and money.

From source to emitter solutions for heat pump systems

At Aalberts hydronic flow control, we specialise every element between the heat source and the emitter. From water treatment to collectors and monitoring, we have everything covered.

All products required within the system can be considered:



There are a number of factors to consider when installing heat pump solutions, and some particularities compared with other heating solutions.

Nevertheless, heat pumps are becoming more and more popular. And this trend shows no signs of slowing down. According to findings from the International Energy Agency, heat pump sales in Europe grew by nearly 40% in 2022.

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